How Advertisements Should Be Impacted By Advertisements When They Make Purchasing Decisions

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The advertisement is an invitation to treat the public to offer an indication and benefits, and consumers can be impacted by advertisements when they make purchasing decisions. The definition of an offer is he or she offer an expression of willingness to make a contract to another one under bound some made rules, which there is no including the negotiation. Thus, it has existed a circumstance that advertisements can be an offer.

The first advertisement is an offer. It clearly includes all terms of the membership on offer and prices without negotiation. The second advertisement changes the contents is that only first 20 applicants on 17 June. Because advertisements can make an enduring impression in consumers ' minds, which could cause some consumers cannot get the discounts and keep the idea of first 200 applicants in their minds.


An offer is immediately effective when offerees get it. It can be revoked freely before the offerors accept, and the acceptance could be withdrawn when it reaches offerees before or simultaneously the acceptance is effective. The offerees applied an offer, but there are no any acceptances from HLG. On 17 June, HLG changed the terms in the offer, and the first advertisement is to make an offer with the offeror excluding the promise to make the contract. It satisfied to revoke the offer without a relevant acceptance.


An agreement usually is satisfied by two conditions: one is that whole parties must have an enough…

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