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Mergers & Acquisitions: Organizational Culture & HR Issues

Deborah A. Pikula

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Pikula, Deborah A. Mergers & acquisitions : organizational culture & HR issues (Current issues series) Includes bibliographical references. ISBN
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Any layoffs or downsizing should take place as soon as possible to alleviate anxiety, reduce rumours, and allow employees to return to business as usual. The longer fear of the unknown lasts, the more damage will be done. • Even the best-managed mergers can be threatening to some employees and lead to absenteeism, poor performance, and high turnover. To alleviate stress, management can conduct a merger stress audit to identify collective concerns. It can then implement programs, such as individual counselling on new career opportunities, to alleviate them. Voluntary stress management training can be provided on a group basis to allow employees to share their concerns. • Because the turnover rate of top managers is unusually high after a merger or acquisition, it is important to conduct a talent audit before the change takes place to ascertain the managerial talent required for future success. Steps can then be taken to ensure that organizational talent will be plentiful after the merger.

Contents Introduction / 1 Organizational Culture / 1 Strong Versus Weak Cultures / 1 Types of Organizational Cultures / 2 Merger Types and Probable Outcomes / 2 Vertical Mergers / 2 Horizontal Mergers / 4 Concentric Mergers / 4 Conglomerate Mergers / 4 Cultural Compatibility / 5 Acculturation / 5 Four Modes of Acculturation / 6 Human Resource Implications / 6 The Merger-Emotions Syndrome / 7 Employee Stress / 8 Communication / 9 Employee/Management Turnover / 9 Job

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