Essay Hospital Emergency Room Social Worker

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Hospital Emergency Room Social Worker
Charlene is a Social Worker from Massachusetts. She is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). Charlene has two jobs, one is working at a Hospital and the other is working for a Police department. Where she works three 10 hour days. During the interview we focused more on the social work she does at the hospital. Charlene first learned that she wanted to be a social worker. When she was younger, she was part of a family where there were 11 kids. They lived in Maine and money was not available for her family. When she got to high school, there was a teacher named Mrs. Woodstein, “She was the best teacher.” Well, Mrs. Woodstein created a program for Juniors and Seniors who wanted to be a social worker. Charlene wanted to be in a helping field due to knowing what it is like growing up without a lot of money in a immense family. This program was an initiative class where the students were able to take psychology classes and community service of all types. “I have continued ever since.” When she graduated from highschool, she got a grant to go to the University of Maine at Augusta. After she graduated from there, she moved to Massachusetts where she got another grant to go to UMass Amherst. Then she graduated from the University of Boston, went on to be a LICSW, which is the highest possible certification in Massachusetts. She wanted to be a police officer, but then decided against it due to the lack of respect people has…

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