Horrors In The Metamorphosis, By Franz Kafka

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In the novel The Metamorphosis, written by Franz Kafka it can be said that the wretched and lonesome life of Kafka influenced and shaped the novella into what it results to be. Kafka shares “The [Metamorphosis] revels the reality, which conception lags behind. That is the horror of life” (Kafka to Gustav Janouch 108). The horrors of Kafka’s life are spilled out into the metamorphosis though his character Gregor Samsa. Both his character Gregor and Kafka himself withstand many hardships in this including a poor physical image, isolation yet with them yearning for connections, family hardships and a poor father-son connections. Kafka projects his inner feeling and life turmoil through his characters in his novella.
Gregor seems unaffected mentally
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He wishes his sister “should not be forced to stay with him, but would do so of her own free will” (Kafka 46). Gregor desired the love of his sister who he knew, thought of him as wretched creature and she was void of any love for Gregor. This parallels how Kafka realizes “he could only love women unlikely to share his feelings” (“Franz Kafka” 1527). Kafka grows to understand that he was “physically incapable of reciprocating a women’s love” (“Franz Kafka” 1527). Kafka express no love in any women that could love him yet only desires one who cannot love him, akin to how Gregor loves his sister yet she expresses no love in return. Gregor also desires the love of his entire family though it is evidently clear that they are incapable of loving him. After his father impaled Gregor with an apple it “remained imbedded in his in his flesh as a visible souvenir since no one dared to remove it” (Kafka 38). Gregor’s family was so repulsed by him they could not even take out an apple obviously causing Gregor pain and creating both a physical and mental scar for him. Kafka has mental scars of his life’s events, some of which destroyed his life and health so much, it resulted in his multiple trips to a sanatorium. Kafka and by extension of his inner turmoil Gregor both yearn for connections they cannot have to draw them out of their …show more content…
Kafka strives to work hard to support his family and yet continue to work and be his own person. He worked because “Kafka felt himself responsible for his family’s factory adventure” (Walter Sokel on Kafka’s letter to Max Brod 106). He felt as if he was responsible for his family being in that position and needed to work to be able to support them. Equivalently Gregor works to support his family as well. Gregor “assumed the responsibility of paying off his parents’ ‘debt’” (Walter Sokel on Kafka’s letter to Max Brod 106). Kafka had to work in his life to support his family as does Gregor who is relied upon for his family to survive. Gregor doesn’t like his job yet he does it for the sake of his parents. He can’t quit until he’s “gotten the money together to pay off [his] parents’ debt” (Kafka 4). Gregor continues to work to support his family, alike to how Kafka works to support his family. This wasn’t the life that neither Kafka nor Gregor would have chosen for themselves but they willingly go along with it to support the people they love in life, their families. Gregor is displaying how Kafka felt he was, as he worked for his family’s

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