Horror Movies : What Causes Our Cravings? Essay

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Horror Movies: What Causes Our Cravings? In “Why We Crave Horror Movies,” Stephen King deliberates on the motives behind people’s craving for horror movies. Some of the reasons he analyzes are simple and obvious, some have a deeper psychological meaning. King writes that we watch horror movies in order to experience the same level of fun as riding a roller coaster. He also suggests that we watch horror movies to experience the set of emotions to which we were conditioned to deem as wrong. King claims that by watching horror movie these wrong emotions are released without the negative reinforcements from our society. King concludes that it is important for us to experience these wrong emotions in order to stay sane. Although King explores a few reasons behind cravings for horror movies, there are several other reasons behind it. The tree most significant reasons of people watching horror movies are our need for variety in entertainment, our desire to appear unshakable, and most importantly, our need to experience unusual emotions in a safe way. The first reason to why we may decide to see a horror movie is an unordinary experience it provides, different from many other experiences out there. Horror movies follow plots that are different from plots of drama, action, and comedy movies. In horror movies we often cannot tell where the story is going, building up suspense. Horror movies do not necessarily have a happy ending and in some of them screenwriters leave an ending…

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