Hormones : Biological Factors That Affect The Gender Of An Individual

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Research has confirmed that hormones play a major role in determining one’s gender. Hormones main function is to deliver messages from glands to cells. These messages ensure the maintenance of chemical levels in the blood system to achieve homeostasis (Gladue, 1994). The Hormones appear and produce the act of a catalyst for the chemical changes that are needed for energy, development, and growth. Steroid hormones are the common hormone related to fertility and sexual maturation of a person (Gladue, 1994). Steroids take a huge part in the determination of the physical development of an individual from the beginning of our life cycle to the end. Psychologists have not been able to determine the extent to which biological influences affect the gender of an individual, but the evidence is expanding in which biological factors may explain, and offer an insight on the lifelong mystery of the formation of gender (Gladue, 1994).
Sexual differentiation is said to be a complete biological process. However, for many gender identity is said to be caused by an influence of environmental factors such as the use of certain languages, social reinforcement, and the environment in which one was raised. “Peers play an important role in the socialization of gendered behavior, but no studies to-date have assessed peer influences on GI” (Korninko, Santos, Martin, & Granger, 2016). Children learn appropriate sexual behavior from their parents, which is then reinforced by society. They also…

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