Horace Mann 's Reforms Of Education Essay examples

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Where would the leaders in the United Sates be without its teachers? A reformer by the name of Horace Mann came along in the early 1800’s to promote education and train educators in schools. During this time the education in Massachusetts was suffering and the quality of education was shifting downhill. He reformed the education system by making sure every child received a basic and free education, ensured proper training for teachers, and shaped the education system through his six principles. Mann’s reforms of education have shaped the system all around the world. Horace Mann was born May 4, 1976 in Franklin, Massachusetts during a time of poverty and hardship. He was taught poorly during his educational days and taught himself in his local library. When Mann was twenty years old he was admitted in Brown University where he studied politics, and became interested in public education. After his Brown days he began his career as a lawyer, and soon after that was admitted into the Massachusetts House of Representatives and served there from 1827 to 1833. During this time he promoted public education and teacher training to schools across the state, and emphasized the structuring of the education system in a more effective way. The state created its nations first board of education with Mann as the secretary. Mann than established his six principles of education which were the guidelines of how the education system should run. Soon after his time on the board of education,…

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