honor killings Essay example

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Every religion has their own rules and beliefs. If you are brought up and your parents are of a religion in many ways they may try to influence you to have the same religion and follow the rules and guide lines of that religion. But times are changing and we are now in the year “2014”. It should be okay to choose you own way of living, what you want to wear. As well as whom you want to marry. Marriage is a bond between two people who love each other not with a person you for one don’t even know and for two are being forced to marry. So with that being said, yes, I believe that honor killings are simply domestic violence. It is murder! Our readings states that, “Interpersonal crime is crime perpetrated within social relationships …show more content…
The best way for the criminal justice system to treat and respond to honor illings is to treat them as they are which is domestic violence/murders. No one should be allowed to take another human beings life. Everyone ha human rights. They need to charge them with murders and let the parties involved that this will not be tolerated. These victims before they are killed fear for their lives just as it states inour readings” One high-profile honor killing occurred on December 10, 2007, when 16-year-old Aqsa Parvez was murdered by her father, Muhammad, and brother, Waqas, in Canada. Parvez was killed because she refused to marry someone her parents had chosen for her. Her family also resented her refusal to wear traditional Islamic dress. Convinced her family members were conspiring to kill her, Parvez ran away from home. As she waited to board a bus, her father picked her up and, with the help of her brother, strangled his daughter to death (Collica & Furst, 2012). This young girl knew what was going to happen and tried to flee but unfortunately she was able to and became another victim to these gruesome actions by

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