Hong Kong Mental Health Case Study

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There are different kinds of service centers in Hong Kong, But less in the mental health centers. The reason of it is that people afraid of the people with mental health problem and against to develop the mental health care center in the community.

The center that I visit is the Alliance of Ex –mentally Ill of Hong Kong, which is self –organization. They aim to encourage the ex-mentally ill person to have self-help and mutual help. Moreover, to achieve social harmony, they use to promote mental health education to the public. They would have different activities to fight for rights of ex-mentally ill, like using health talk, education course and training, social and recreational activities. The target people of the center are the ex-mentally ill persons.

The most attractive activity that helps me learn more about mental health is the aemihk human library. The ex-mental ill persons will share about their experience of how to walk past the sickness. People will give them feedback after the sharing to give them support to back on the road. It is very meaningful that
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During the conversation, he acknowledge me that mental health people is nice. Their behavior may different to us because of the medical affected them, but the other are the same. They still can be brilliant than us, they may control their emotion effective than us and live like us. The way to help them to have this result is that give them more care. They are just sick like having flu. When we have flu, we need our friends and family to take care. They are the same. Family support to them is very important which the strong back up to them is. To summarize, care and support are the major factors for them get well. No one would like to get sick, so we should not blame on them. We should help them to accept their ailment is the part of their

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