Homosexuality: Nature Vs. Nurture

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Homosexuality is the sexual attraction from one member of the same sex to another member of the same sex that can be found in roughly eight percent of both men and women (Rice et. al). Though this may appear to be counter-productive to the continuation of a species, it is found among many species within the animal kingdom. However it is something that humans as a species have only recently begun to openly acknowledge or understand. Part of this quest for further understanding of homosexuality lies in uncovering the origin of homosexuality, or what causes an individual to develop a homosexual attraction.
One Freudian factor that is considered in the development of homosexual attraction is that of nature vs. nurture. According to an article
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For instance, factors such as access to nutrition, maternal affection, and environmental exposure can shape the way in which epigenetics emerge (Healy). Though Ngun’s work does not provide knowledge of the exact time at which these genomes tend to activate, his research does show that environmental influences may be a powerful determinant in predicting sexual orientation later in life. University of Maryland pharmacology professor Margaret M. McCarthy concurs with Ngun’s research, claiming that regardless of how strongly epigenetic factors affect the presence of homosexuality, there is a genetic basis for its presence …show more content…
The most common short-term detriment that participants reported were largely mental issues that stemmed from depression and anxiety. Feelings of shame, guilt, and self-hatred were also reported. However, seventeen individuals also reported that their experiences were neither harmful, nor beneficial (Flentje et. al), though a potential confound to this lies in the possibility that these individuals had already accepted themselves as being homosexual. Similarly to the results for long-term helpfulness, individuals who may have hoped that the conversion therapy would have been effective reported that they were forced to confront their homosexuality (Felntje et.

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