Homosexuality In Lebanon Essay

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Homosexuality in Lebanon
Homosexuals are treated differently from one country to another. While some are praised, others are suppressed. In Lebanon, homosexuals are exposed to homophobic incidents in some particular places; one of them is Dunkin’ Donuts. Some young males were approached by the management and were asked to leave due to their “conspicuous behavior”; they meant the young males’ “overtly feminine” actions. The management removed customers according to their gendered behavior. However, Dunkin’ Donuts still remains a common hangout for homosexuals. When they are called gay, they respond with “Ana mish heek” ("I am not like that"). By disowning the homosexuals, they are rejecting part of their identity. Moreover, queer customers
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MARCH is an organization that focuses on combating for the rights of freedom of expression (censorship), women, and conflict resolution. This organization has released a semi-annual report on censorship and freedom of expression. The report discusses censored material from 1930s to 2000s, the laws regarding censorship, and the reasons behind censorship. Compared to music, TV, and the press, movies were one the most removed material of the 1950s, 1960s, 1980s, and 2000s with 3, 12, 17, and 65 reported movies censored respectively. One of the graphs in this report displays the reasons of censoring in Lebanon per decade. Since the 1990s, censorship of movies due to homosexual content has been increasing and decreasing. One law affirms that homosexual content is censored because it might contempt public order, morals, and good ethics. Moreover, while works that endorse homosexuality are banned, violent scenes or scenes portraying drug use are permitted (MARCH, …show more content…
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