Essay about Homer's Hospitality

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Mycenaean civilization was a golden age of splendour that arose during1600 BC. It was during this time that Ancient Greece began to take form, in both cultural and religious aspects. Historians often refer to this period as Mycenaean, but due to the culture and values embodied in Homer’s poem, The Odyssey, it is also known as the Homeric Age. In Homer’s world, society consisted of city-states controlled by well-respected Kings. The Homeric Age also focused on the importance of religion where all regions participated in sacrificial tributes to the Gods. Unlike today’s modern society, methods of travel were very limited in the 1600s. Mycenaeans’ relied on sea travel as their main way of transportation. Due to this, journeys were much …show more content…
As a result, being hospitable gave people the opportunity to climb the social ladder by being a good host.

In creating relationships with one another through the use of hospitality helped to benefit one’s social status as one’s network of connection expanded. These relationships often led to alliances made with trade and war. For instance, in The Odyssey, Odysseus’s friendship with Menelaus led him to into war against Troy. The significance of this relationship shows how Odysseus’s status becomes fortified as stories of the Trojan War characterizes him as brave, strong and smart. This is evident when Demodokos sings tales of the Trojan War when Odysseus is feasting with Alkinoos, King of Phaecians (Od. 8.500- 520). The main importance of creating relationships was that it was hereditary; the reputations of the previous generations were passed onto the younger generations. Evidence is presented when Nestor says, “ No, no , in my house the dear son of Odysseus shall not have to go to sleep on the deck of a ship, as long as I am alive, and my sons after me are left in my place” (Od. 3. 352-354). This quotation is significance as it shows how Telemachos benefits from his father’s friendship with Nestor, whom both fought at Troy together. The forging of friendship widens one’s social life as their reputation opens doors for benefits.

Religion influences why characters’

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