Homeownership : A Symbol Of Status Essay

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In the United States, homeownership is a symbol of status when considering the notion of the American Dream. Owning a house provides families with opportunities to invest into businesses, plan for retirement, finance an education, and consider resources for the next generation. The federal government has made it possible for most average white Americans to finance the purchase of a home, essentially easier wealth building for white Americans. However, it has made it difficult for minorities to attain the same resources and opportunities. The socioeconomic differences are boundaries set by the dominant race to maintain and deeply widen the gap between whites and non-whites. Segregated communities still exist in America due to the enormous wealth gap among the racial groups, continue to persist today. Twenty year ago, the median white family had 8 times the wealth of blacks family, the gap increases when Latino family are compared to white family household to over 12 times the economic wealth.
In the United States race, wealth, and life opportunities are intertwined. Communities are separated between whites and non-white still today. The concept of "separate and unequal" continues to grow fifty years after the civil rights era. The dominant group of American society has inherited a legacy of inequality, and it continues to shape the future. Segregation is deeply entrenched in the functions of the institutions that structure our society. For this example criminal justice…

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