Homelessness : A New Concept Essays

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Every morning, I wake up in my warm, comfortable bed. I roll over and check my phone, then get up, go to the bathroom, and head off to the gym. I do this every morning, without any real thought or consideration. While not everyone follows the same morning routine, for the most part, people have a similar frame of mind. Wake up, get ready for your day, and go. Now imagine not knowing where you were going to fall asleep every night. That’s a pretty difficult thing to think about, right? Unfortunately, that is a very real part of life for between 2,000 and 4,000 people in San Luis Obispo County (Leslie). Homelessness is one of the biggest issues plaguing our community and our country. The question is, how exactly did we get to this point? Homelessness is not a new concept in the world. Homelessness dates all the way back to the mid 1600’s. At that time, it wasn’t seen as an unfortunate life circumstance. It was thought of as being a major character flaw. Because Christianity was so widespread, most people believed that they would be taken care of by God as long as they were “good” Christians. This was so firmly believed that people who had found themselves homeless were made to prove their worthiness to to higher ups in the town (Fischer). Of course, we no longer base a person’s relationship with God on whether or not they are homeless. Most people feel sympathy, but are not making the less fortunate prove their worth. However, many people hold the belief that if the people…

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