Home Environment And Juvenile Delinquency Essay

1789 Words Jun 26th, 2015 8 Pages
Within today’s society the issues of juvenile delinquency and the effects of home environment continue to be a major concern amongst the influences on many levels of social and environmental aspects. Today the issue continues to rise, and children who are exposed to social disorganization within their home environment are more at risk of delinquent behavior. As studies continue to develop in attempting to understand juvenile delinquency and its effects, there have been many factors that essentially connect, to depict the relationship between home environment and juvenile delinquency. Through the use of supporting research and data I will further explore the factors within home environment and their effect on children and juvenile behavior. Ultimately, my goal is to further explore the most significant risk factors that exist and demonstrate supportive evidence that explains how, home environment has an influential effect on delinquency. For years now, researchers have connected the theory of social learning with behaviors that are learned through one’s environment and observations. Through the use of theoretical frameworks the close connection between social structural dynamics and environmental variables have been found to have an evident impact on juvenile’s behavior, attitudes, and beliefs. Within current studies it has been recognized that various aspects of home environment can impose a significant number of risks and behavioral factors that increase not only the…

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