Holistic Solutions And The Supply Chain Management System Essays

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Holistic Solutions
In today’s global market a firm must consider all the options that it has at its deposal to make that firm successful. One of those tools that a firm my use when evaluating its ability to succeed is its supply chain management system and how it is set up. A firm must consider reviewing its supply chain management system from a holistic viewpoint. A firm must observe the supply chain management system and all of its components. The firm must review how its supply chain management system provides value to the firm’s stakeholders and customers. The firm can accomplish this through information gathering, integrating key business practices/processes, from the suppliers to end users of the product or services. During this paper the I will view this concept from a firm’s prospective of putting together a supply chain management system.
The Supply Chain
The supply chain has several things that it must do in order for a firm to obtain a usable supply chain management system. The first step in this process is the firm needs to be able to integrate and coordinate all the moving parts of the supply chain network as one smooth system. The supply chain must provide the firm with the ability to bring together several different entities that will allow the supply chain to accomplish the following things;
a.) Procure products and materials (raw)
b.) Convert these products and materials into a finished products
c.) Give value to the products
d.) Products must be promoted…

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