Hockey Is A Sport At The Highest League Essay

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In the world of sports there’s been some great action displayed among high caliber athletes. Hockey is a sport that dates back from 4000 years ago in Egypt. Another sport that is widely known across the world for its action, is soccer, or in other countries outside the United States would refer to it, as football. Both of these sports have similar characteristics in the rules and regulations according to the NCAA. of what a player needs in order to win in the playoffs in the sport at the highest league. NHL as a league has its own trophy which is known as the Stanley Cup. In Soccer the World Cup is the term used to describe postseason play success. Hockey and soccer have always had similar and different characteristics that are unique to each sport. What sets these two sports apart is the significance of winning the World Cup or the Stanley Cup. Hockey on the top league year-by-year has the Stanley Cup. Soccer on the top league has the World Cup which has shared its wealth across the globe.
Hockey has always been that type of sport that a vast majority of players have experienced the sport as tough, rough and mentally draining. During the NHL’s century of being a sport there is some chaos that would brew during the regular season, whether it be the rivalries or playoff contenders. Year by year the Stanley Cup was raised since 1892 from NHL’s very existence, that trophy is named the Stanley Cup. It all started in March 18, 1892, at a dinner of the Ottawa Amateur Athletic…

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