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•Describe and discuss the ways in which the laws and legal limitations in the United States have impacted the use of coercive interrogation techniques. Then discuss what we lose and what we gain from these legal constraints. Laws and legal limitations in the United States have impacted coercive interrogation techniques greatly, especially in the following years after 9/11. Shortly after 9/11, the United States was accused of torturing potential terrorists held in detainee camps and various other holding environments. The torturing of the detainees was bringing fear upon the federal investigators that it was not working and producing the positive results they were seeking. After investigating these claims by the Department of Defense, …show more content…
With legal constraints, we lose the physical torture tactic and possibly the instant strike of fear into a detainee by being limited in what we can and cannot do under the law during an interrogation. I feel that this is a good thing for some, however torture is a practice used to gain knowledge from someone who is knowledgeable about a specific topic, and if we are interrogating them for a purpose, then it is for valuable information that they can assist us with and possibly end an attack or strike on the US (Darmer, 2004). What we gain from these legal constraints is knowledge and education on specific tactics and learn how to interrogate through various methods and expanding our minds and other sources of knowledge to get the information we are seeking (Darmer, 2004).

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