Essay on Hiv / Aids : Hiv And Aids

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Do you know for sure if you are HIV negative? Have you ever been tested for HIV/AIDS? These are questions people should know and ask themselves periodically.
If rattled by those questions you are at risk for many diseases. Especially since the average person doesn’t know their status. That’s why society should become informed about one of the most fatal STDs … HIV/AIDS.
Being aware of the causes, effects, and ways to prevent HIV/AIDS is crucial so that it won’t be left to the imagination.
HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks the immune system, the last stage of HIV is AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome). More than half of all people with HIV develop AIDs within ten years. Resulting in an AIDS diagnosis the body’s immune system has already been seriously damaged. HIV lives in the T4 cells of the immune system which are found in the blood stream and other body fluids. Over time this virus kills the body’s barricade against disease, making it vulnerable to infections and cancers that don’t usually develop. “AIDS epidemic is now in its second decade” (Levert) causing the virus to be a pandemic (disease that exists in every country in the world). AIDS is not transmitted like other STDs “Many viruses spread easily from person to person HIV/AIDs are different” (Storad). Clearly Levert and Stroad prove that AIDS is a serious lasting disease being distinct in the ways it spreads than other common STDs. Other researches other than Levert and Stroad have…

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