Short Essay: The Story Of Adolf Hitler

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The story of Adolf Hitler was an intriguing one. The story of a man, driven by the hatred for his vision of the inferior people, to become the dictator of Germany and leader of the infamous Nazi party. Hitler’s story starts in the small village of Braunau Am Inn, in 1889(,Adolf
Hitler Biography). He was given the talent of making wonderful pieces of art, but soon loses motivation to follow this passion after his mother dies, in December 21, 1907, and he fails to get into the Vienna Art School, in 1900. His life falls apart and he becomes homeless. After he hears about the loss of Germany in the first World War, he becomes interested in politics and the idea of “backstabbing”, and this idea was present in many incidents during the first World
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Adolf was lazy, short tempered, and a rude person. This was shown with his childhood, especially in school. He never got along with anyone in his school and Adolf always responded harshly to feedback or criticism given to him by teachers, which lead him to drop out of school later on. As Adolf grew up, he developed a talent and a possible career in art. This was the main reason for Adolf disliking his father. His father, Alois Hitler, did not approve of Adolf’s desire to chase his art career because Alois
wanted a son to pursue a career in business. Adolf’s father wanted his son to be the opposite of himself. Alois had a bad record for crimes, and failure and this was why Alois was so stern and judgmental when raising Adolf; he didn’t want to raise a failure. Adolf has been wanting to become a professional painter for a long time. His passion for painting was with him even when he went to fight in the first world war, where he painted the scenes in war, and the landscape. It was discovered by the family and friends of Hitler, that when Hitler finds a passion or interest in something, he goes in with full effort in order to achieve his goal relating to that interest he

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