Essay Hitler 's World War II

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Propaganda, a collection of information in a misleading nature, it is used to publicize political thoughts. This is what Hitler did not realize during World War II. Even though one may say his war tactics started the Nazi Party, Hitler would not have gained control without a form of advertising. Hitler may have used the Brownshirts to start his regime, but Joseph Goebbels was his primary help when trying to get people to follow him. With the start of the Brownshirts, Joseph Goebbels’ help, and all the advertising created, it gives insight on Hitler’s Nazi regime.
The Nazi regime was a mass movement of the Hitler ideal of acquiring the perfect land for the German people. Hitler not only wanted to make a perfect German empire, he longed for a form of reckoning for Jews. The Brownshirts, a Nazi militia group that Hitler founded, were the kickstart of Hitler’s rise to power. They aided him in every way until the Night of the Long Knives. After the Night of the Long Knives, Hitler realized he needed to increase control. In 1925, Hitler ordered the formation of the Schutzstaffel, an entity that was separate from, although linked to, the SA. The SS initially consisted of eight individuals, all of whom were entrusted to personally guard Hitler and other top Nazis (The SS). Hitler felt so much of what they were doing, was right. He eagerly believes that only the true Germans needed to exist, many disliked that idea, which is why he wanted a personal guard. They started the regime,…

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