Hitler 's And The Nazi Party Essays

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Between 1928 and 1932, the nazi party went from a minimal 12 seats in the Reichstag to an alarming 230. This enlarging growth of Hitler’s power is due to several factors including his bad childhood, anti-semitism and the Treaty of Versailles. Throughout Adolf Hitler’s childhood, he experiences many dreadful events such as the death of his beloved mother, not being accepted into Vienna’s Academy of Art and his bleeding lung ailment. Hitler’s mother, Klara Hitler died on December 21, 1907 from advanced breast cancer. “It was the conclusion of a long and painful illness which from the beginning left little hope of recovery. Yet it was a dreadful blow, particularly for me. I had honoured my father, but my mother I had loved.” (Hitler 18). The doctor treating Hitler’s mother just happened to be Jewish. Many believe that because the doctor, Eduard Bloch was not able to save Hitler’s mother, he blames him for her death. Hitler loved his mother dearly and in his mind, the fact that a Jew is related to her death, must mean that all Jews are bad. Many believe that this is what essentially stemmed Hitler’s hatred for Jews. Hitler began to hate this Jewish man after he was unable to save his mother, and later on began hating all Jewish people in general. Ever since Hitler was young, he had dreamed of becoming an artist, but his father greatly opposed this idea. Although his mother did not exactly support it, she did not oppose it like his father which is partly why he liked his…

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