Similarities Between Hitler And Nazism

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1.Give at least one reason for the acceptance of Hitler and nazism by each of these groups: (a) workers, (b) business leaders and industrialists, (c) veterans, (d) supernaturalists and racist. (a) Hitler got the acceptance from the workers because he made jobs for the unemployed. (b) Business leaders accepted Hitler when he showed signs of being anti-Communist and industrialists accepted Hitler when they saw that they were being profited from his policies. (c) Veterans accepted Hitler because he restored their national pride and self-esteem. (d) Supernaturalists and racists approved of Hitler when he said they were the superior race and that the other races were to serve them.
2.Evaluate the Nazi educational program. Why do you approve
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Universities and schools were all controlled by the Nazi Party. Kids from the age 6 to the age of 18 were required to join groups that were run by Nazis. Boys at the age of 6 started Hitler Youth which taught them the history that the Nazis allowed and athletics. When they were 10 they joined the Jungvolk and after that they would be graduated from the Hitler Youth at the age of 14 and then at the age of 18 they were to join the army. Girls were also included in the Hitler Youth which was called the League of German Girls and they taught the same thing.

3.How did the Italian invasion of Ethiopia and the Spanish Civil War bring the world closer to World War II? The Italian invasion of Ethiopia and the Spanish Civil War brought the world closer to the World War II because they helped prepare weapons and strategies for the axis powers and practice them in the takeover of Ethiopia and helping Francisco Franco take over Spain.

1.Identify or define: (a) Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis, (b) blitzkrieg, (c) Winter War, (d) Occupied France and Vichy France, (e) Winston
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(b) The Blitzkrieg is what they called it when the Germans went into the country Poland and attacked them with speed and blitzkrieg tactics. (c) The Winter War is when the Soviet Union took advantage of the weather and started to attack countries like Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland. (d) The Occupied France was when they were under surrender France was split into two. The North was controlled by the Germans and the South was controlled by Pro-German officials named Vichy France. (e) Winston Churchill was Britain’s prime minister and told the British to not let Germany win and take them over and that they would have victory.
2.Explain the importance of the Battle of Britain (1940). What was the United States doing at this time? The importance was that the United States was sending aid and trying to keep the Germans out of Britain. The United States was giving aid to the Britain’s and to keep being a neutral country they sent aid to the Soviet Union when they were in need of aid.

3.How did Hitler change German policy toward Russia in June 1941? Why did he do

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