History : The Islamic Peacemaker Essay

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History Will Not Absolve the Militant Peacemaker
History has shown that the quest for power is absolute. Many have used any and every excuse they can in order to obtain it. Those that are hungry for power will use all forms of manipulation necessary in order to obtain it; even the cloak of peace. They say that in order to create a peaceful environment, they must burn it down. They say that in order to create peace they must first kill anyone in their way. They have said that, history will absolve them of their crimes, but how could it? There is no such thing as peace through war, not when nations fight against each other, and not when a nation fights amongst itself. The rise of Fidel Castro and other Guerilla militants prove that war brings war, not peace. From the Spanish invasion and colonization to the cruel dictatorship of Gerardo Machado y Morales 1901-1930’s (History), the people of Cuba have had their fair share of ups and downs. They longed for the change that many felt was necessary in order to prosper; and they would get it eventually. After Morales, Cuba was once again controlled by a dictator, Fulgencio Batista. Batista held the reins tightly; aside from power, his main concern was to enrich his own life and not the lives of the Cuban citizens (Fulgencio). It is no wonder that they longed for a change in leadership. The people wanted a leader that was for the people and not for himself. They believed that they found that leader in Fidel Castro. When…

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