History Shapes The World Of The Vietnam War Essay

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History Shapes The World Everybody has a history. Everybody has experienced things that have impacted them. History is what makes you, you. It shapes you. It is the ice sculptor that is very carefully whittling out the block of ice, making such precise movements that if you make one wrong move and take too much of a chunk off, you have to start all over again. History shapes you the same way, by making precise etches just perfect enough to carve out who you are. Just like it acted on Vivian, how she described all the events she went through and what they meant to her. It acts on my grandpa the same way, he has lived through a tremendous amount of events, from the Civil Rights movement to the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Vietnam war. Each and every event has impacted him in one way or another.
He begins sharing his personal history from the war in Vietnam, “I remember there being body counts on the news every night.” (Shull) I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I were in my grandpa’s shoes, the amount of stress he went through during this time is unreal.“Just knowing that if I were just one year older I would’ve been in that war, and that makes me realize how appreciative I am for everything.” (Shull) There were people who didn 't get to come home to their families after the war was over and I think that 's why my grandpa expressed that he felt so appreciative. He explains how he had friends in the war that he had to say goodbye to before they left because he wasn 't sure if…

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