History Of Save The Children

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Origins Save the Children, is an international non-governmental organization that was founded by Eglantyne Jebb on April 15, 1919 in London, England. She created this organization as an effort to alleviate hunger and health issues children were facing during war time in Europe. By the 1930s, Save the Children was operating on American soil, providing clothing, school supplies, and hot lunches for school children in Harlon County, Kentucky.
Over the years, Save the Children has managed to operate in over 120 countries including the U.S. helping over 185 million children in 2015 (Save the Children, n.d.). Save the Children invests in the future of every child, by providing health care, education, enforcing policy change, educational
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Due to the intervention of this organization, they have managed to decrease infant mortality in various regions, such as India by 20% (Save the Children, n.d.). Save the Children has also created health and nutrition programs to educate children and families on how they can improve their health. Many children worldwide die from malnutrition, lack of clean water, or from starvation, Save the Children wants to ensure that all children have access to these basic needs that should already be provided. This organization also focuses on prevention programs such as, HIV/AIDs as well as educating community members to treat malnutrition. Save the Children, responds to times of crisis worldwide by offering assistance in any way possible from food, vaccinations, shelter etc. This organization allows people to contribute in any way possible, such as buying farm animals for families which will allow them to live off of the livestock and possibly create a business of their own. Save the Children wants children and most importantly families to succeed and live the best life possible because children have the right to a healthy flourished …show more content…
Many parents in impoverished communities simply don’t have the resources or financial income to provide education for their children. Save the Children, sets up child friendly areas as well as schools in impoverished communities where children are able to engage in social interaction with other children and receive basic education. Save the Children is a strong believer in an early start for many children by offering literacy boost for children in the U.S as well as various other countries. By providing children with basic education this will further increase the child’s chances of living a better educated healthy

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