History Of New Zealand 's Legal System Essay

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To What Extent has History Affected the development of New Zealand’s Legal System? ID: 62952639
History has had an enormous impact on the development of New Zealand’s legal system. Legal history is more than an explanation, it is a crucial part of understanding New Zealand society, as habitually aspects of it remain, embedded in our legal system . Key components of the modern New Zealand legal system can be founded through an examination of important moments in legal history. Both the historical foundations and New Zealand’s adoption of the common law derive from key moments in history. Additionally precedent setting cases in common law have significantly developed New Zealand’s legal structure. While historic moments in New Zealand history and the in the English middle ages continue to develop New Zealand law and affect how it functions in society. It is clear by examining legal history how significantly it contributes to the current legal system in New Zealand.
The biggest contributor to the development of modern New Zealand law was the colonization of New Zealand by the British Empire . The initial New Zealand legal system was Maori customary law, the British enforced their own legal system, common law. An entirely different perception of law and its core values. A system, in stark contrast to the Tikanga Maori Law, which was increasingly focused on the autonomy of the individual . The signing of the treaty of Waitangi is the mechanism that, at least formally brought…

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