History Of China 's Yellow River Valley Essay

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In the year of 1600 BC to approximately 256 BC, many dynasties were involved in the history of China’s Yellow River Valley. The Yellow River was used by everyone advantages as a source of food, and water supplies. Those dynasties are Shang dynasty, Xia dynasty and Zhou dynasty, three dynasties that connect to create a better province among their people. Areas that generates these dynasties of, spiritual influence, territorial control and governing, regional differences, cultural ideas on education, family structure, inventions and breakthroughs. In this essay, it will show the comparison and contrast between Shang and Zhou dynasties in all the different types of areas that were included. Which dynasty was the longest lasting and what influence overall did it have?
During the time of the Shang dynasty, from 1600 BC to 1200 BC, Cheng Tang, was the first ruler to rule his people of the land, and controlled China from 1600 BC to 1100 BC. He defeated the king of the Xia dynasty, then later offered to sacrifice himself to end the drought. The Shang government, was willing to keep the clans that China invented under control, so they could go to war against their enemies, keep them from fighting with each other and be united. Shang culture was built on four elements; these industries based on “copper; pottery making; walled towns; and divination using animal bones.” (Textbook pg.104). Therefore, the foundation added hereditary rulers from their relation to ancestors and gods;…

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