History Of Antioch Convalescent Hospital And Rehabilitation Facility

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Antioch convalescent hospital is a well-known skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility in Antioch California. The staff gives their best quality care that is provided such as full in-house rehabilitation, speech therapy, Alzheimer 's care, diabetes management, and a dietary program which is provided by RN and LVN nurses including CNAs. During my clinical visit and rotation one of my patient who has been living in a long-term convalescent home for about three months. My patient has a past medical history acute pancreatitis and the current history is hypertension, gastroesophageal reflux disease, Parkinson 's disease, and hypothyroidism. She was admitted to a cough and her family was unable to take care of her and it wasn 't safe for her to be home alone. When a person has Parkinson 's disease, according to Parkinson 's disease question, "Parkinson 's disease is a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder that affects one in 100 people over age 60". (P.1) This disorder affects the central nervous system and movement for example tremors. When functioning normally, these neurons produce a vital brain chemical known as dopamine. Many people who have this disease would have balancing problems especially using a wheelchair and having trouble walking without assistance. However, when someone has Hypertension a condition in which the force of the blood against the wall artery was is too high. This means they have an abnormally high blood pressure, According to Center…

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