History, Memory, And Commemorative Of This Historic Event Essay

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In the early morning of November 29, 1864, elements of the first and third Colorado volunteer regiments surprised hundreds of Cheyenne and Arapaho people camped on the banks of Sand Creek in southeastern Colorado Territory. That day, more than 150 Cheyennes and Arapahoes, the vast majority of them being women, children, and elderly men nominally under U.S. protection, were slaughtered by the Colorado volunteer regiments. Today, I was invited by the National Council on Public History to deliver a presentation on one of the most infamous cases of state-sponsored violence in U.S. history. After finalizing my research on the memorialization of the Sand Creek Massacre of Colorado, I was able to develop three lessons that illustrate the history, memory, and commemorative of this historic event.
Three aspects of this Massacre that stood out the most to me during my studies were: the ways in which the Sand Creek Massacre forged a bloody link between interrelated chapters of the nation’s history such as the Civil War, the competing perspectives and the lingering debate over the actual meaning of Sand Creek, , and the rocky road to the establishment of the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. Through these lessons, the way in which Americans have struggled to come to terms with the meaning of both the attacks and its aftermath, most publicly at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site, can closely be examined. The information delivered by this presentation will, as I…

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