History Documented By British Forces During World War II Essay

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The film debuted in 2008 it explores the history documented by British forces during World War II. The films were conceptualized by John Boyne while Mark Herman was behind the recording of the movie under the Miramax Films production company. In the movie, which is a Holocaust drama it shows two perspectives of the quality of life during the rule of the Nazi regime within Germany and how it affected the people of the country. The movie highlights the genocide of the Jewish people during World War II though the lens of a friendship between two eight year old boys one of which is the son of an administrative Nazi commander who runs a concentration camp and his Jewish.
The story reflects various social, economic and political aspects that are evident and have a significant effect on the current world ("The Boy in the Striped Pajamas," 2016). The plot of the story introduces various events that happened in a sequence. In the beginning, we encounter Butterfield’s son Bruno. Bruno dwelled in the same residence with his parents and 12-year-old Gretel, his elder sister in the Nazi regime, in Berlin. The family had an assistant named Maria. His father soon got a promotion, but the news was not any entertaining since they had to relocate to the countryside. Bruno hates his new life since there was not any of the entertainment as in the urban dwellings. Bruno’s life has been getting tougher as there were restrictions everywhere. For instance, he did not have any friends and…

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