History And Past Events That Can Be A Requirement For Higher Education

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History Essay History is recognized as a series of past events that is interconnected and interdependent. History is a part of required education from the minute a child goes into school as early as preschool. There is debate on whether or not history should be a requirement for higher education, but through the analysis of the term history itself, one can come to realize it’s importance to societies, countries, and to humanity.
A historian is someone who studies and analyzes history and past events. According to the Discussing History lecture, historians do three main things, study the past, interpret the past, and provide an understanding or explanation of the past. When they study the past they may be looking at a specific event, time, or person. If the historian is interpreting the past, they are critically assessing the information and the facts and fits it all together by giving their explanation of what happened based on the facts. In the reading number one discussion it was stated that McNeil uses history to emphasize a common humanity and to find a balance that shows unique individualism and commonalities with other nations.
It is important to know history for several reasons. Going back to the Discussing History lecture it is important to know history so people have greater knowledge and wisdom about the world around them. It allows people to have an educated guess as to what might happen in the future if something from the past were to be repeated. If…

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