Historical Fiction And Its Importance On Society Essay

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Thesis Statement

We all understand the creative element that is in all fictional movies, including movies about historical figures and events. Historical fiction is one of the most popular film genres. The general assumption is that it helps people remember and understand history, giving us facts with some creative liberties. In truth, it is changing the way we see history and thus changing our traditions and our culture. The paper that follows should

· Explain the reasoning behind creating a historical fictional movie
· Explaining the importance of historical accuracy in fictional films
· Explaining the importance of these films on society
· Explain the negative impact that inaccurate historical films have on society

Historical Fiction and its Importance on Society

We constantly see portrayals of historical events and figures across all forms of entertainment, whether it be a book, theatre or feature film. We are constantly bombarded with tales of dictators, gladiators, great wars, lone survivors, myths and legends. We are constantly offered historical fiction because we enjoy it. We like to see subjects that bored us in the classroom suddenly come to life and entertain us on the big screen. We like to put a face to the legends that we have read about in literature. It is something that we as a society use to break away from reality for a moment. The medium of film has the ability to manipulate these stories to fit the entertainment and…

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