Historical Evolution Of Mexican Americans Essay

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Culture defines the norms, beliefs and practices of a particular society. Usually, the adoption of a particular cultural belief depends on the prevailing circumstances. The various sets of beliefs and norms dictate the nature of lifestyle and the manner of social practices of society. Usually, it acts as the parameter that differentiates individuals.
This paper focuses on the various aspects which inform the current cultural position of Mexico. Also, it seeks to determine several songs, politics and religious beliefs which helped shape the culture of Mexican Americans. The historical evolution of Mexican Americans culture went through various phases that inform the modern Mexico.
The study of various cultures demonstrates the varied roles and positions of women in the society. Their perception results from the myths and stereotypes built by the society.
The society represented Coatlicue as a woman prone to evil social vices. The life experienced by Coatlicue differs from that of La Virgin de Guadalupe. Guadalupe was a virgin and believed to be pure and free from sin. Therefore, the contrasting lives demonstrated by the women exhibited the varied characteristics of the society about the position occupied and represented by women.
Besides nature, the society regarded the roles of women, especially in active life. Chicano Renaissance (1968-1974) demonstrated a typical scenario where women participated in active war through guerrilla warfare. Many members of the society…

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