Essay on Historical Events Of Japan And China

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Starting at a young age, citizens of any given nation begin to learn the history of their nation. Including the specifics of the history within the nation itself, or history outside the nation that lead to changes being made within. It is typical not to hold back on the history that is taught to the young people of a nation, because we are taught history to both understand how we got to the state that we are now in as a country and how we can prevent repetition of horrific historical events. Japan and China are known for finding cleaver ways to hide, disguise, and/or protect specific historical events from becoming common knowledge within the respective country because the lack of pride that may stem from any one event.
Japanese history in the last century or so, remains to be something that they are not proud of, so they attempt to cover it up by teaching school aged children a modified version of the real thing. This leads to many conflicts and upset within citizens, historians and neighboring countries, that were affected by their history the most. Today there are still a number of aspects of their history that Japan fails to accept, leading to ongoing disputes and historians raising questions regarding them.
Countries around the world strive to make their history, even the bad parts, seem not so bad, however, there are many issues that arise here. The saying, “There are two sides to every story”, really comes to light when historians are analyzing textbooks for school…

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