Historical And Political Context Of The American Republic Structures After Declared Independence From Britain

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This document contains different aspects and points of view of the historical and political context in the evolution of the American republic structures after declared independence from Britain. In addition to the conflicts, sacrifices and challenges this young nation faced, in the creation of a system of self-government and liberty among their oppressors. As a democratic republic newly formed, requires a sense of specials cultures a certain set of political values such as; “political culture and political ideology” as method of political philosophy. Furthermore, stand out the government’s accomplishments, the great political compromises, the formal amendment process and the ratification of the constitution which finally outlines the government functions and structures we currently have.

Discuss American political culture.
The term political culture lately has become part of everyday language in modern societies. In the press, the media, and even in casual conversation, often referring to the political culture is made to explain the attitudes, reactions or even the general behavior of a population that may explain the differences between societies. So political culture can be defined as an inherent product of shared values, beliefs, symbols, norms and customs that are passed down from generation to generation that provides a unique identity to the members of certain communities about the specific ideals environments and subjective perception of…

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