Hiroshima Bombing Of September 6 Essay

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Shayna Boudreaux
Mrs. Martinez
English IV
Hiroshima Bombing of August 6, 1945 The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese caused much tension and troubles throughout the early years. For years after this bombing, American scientists planned, built, and made preparations to bomb Hiroshima without warning. There was an attempt by America to try to get Japan to surrender. Hiroshima’s civilization would forever be altered and have devastating memories in its history. The Hiroshima bombing, which was also known as Pikadon or just Pika to the Japanese, resulted in many deaths, the dropping of the atomic bombs, many lives taken, and lead to the end of World War II. “A date which will live in infamy” was said by President Franklin D. Roosevelt after Japanese attempted to destroy the Pacific Fleet in Hawaii, which was 4,000 miles apart (Farris 11). “When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, they managed to destroy 20 naval vessels, under 10 battleships, more than 300 airplanes, more than 2,000 soldiers and sailors died with another 1,000 were wounded” (Farris 11). The following day, Franklin D. Roosevelt requested to declare war on Japan, which was approved with only one dissenting vote” (Pearl Harbor 1). America went to war with Japan after discussing when and why they are going to war. The Japanese thought by attacking the Pearl Harbor, America would have to lift the economic sanctions, but instead, they pushed themselves into a war with American forces (Horder…

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