Hiring A New Coach On Athletic Director Essay

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Hiring a new coach is one of the most important jobs that an athletic director at the college level can have. There are typically three different coaching hires an athletic director will make, the “press conference” hire, the pressure hire, and the convenience hire (Raveling, 2012). The press conference hire is one where the coach will look good at the introductory press conference (Raveling, 2012). A pressure hire is when a big time booster or the school’s president puts pressure on the athletic director to hire someone that they want and not someone the AD thinks will be a good fit (Raveling, 2012). The convenience hire is where the athletic director may hire the longtime assistant just because they have been there so long and the players like him (Raveling, 2012). The athletic director must have an idea of what he or she is looking for when hiring a coach and what standards that candidate must meet. When looking to hire a baseball coach at Erskine, the athletic director should first look at what the starting salary will be. If the school wants to continue to win then they will need to make sure they are paying a salary that is competitive with other successful programs in the conference and the region. This will allow the athletic director to reach out to head coaches that are successful at smaller schools who might be looking for a pay raise. Unfortunately Erskine does not put any importance on winning, so the athletic director must then look to try to hire…

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