Hippies And The Hippie Movement

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Following his explanation about his participation in the various events, he pulled out many mementos from his youth as a hippie. He still had multiple clothing articles such as velvet, pants, and tops with a lot of fringe. He still wore many headbands, like the one he was wearing, and he had many more in a variety of prints including the typical rainbow tie-dye floral prints. He had many sunglasses in a variety of fluorescent colors and many shapes. His biggest collection was of pins that would wear with any clothing. Some pins were just simple-multi colored accessories while others had phrases on them including “Drop acid, not bombs” and “All you need is love” among others. He showed my posters he still had that were once hung for the public …show more content…
Feeling as though I only scratched the surface of what the Hippie micro culture has to offer, I discovered that there is a much deeper history the led to the actions involved in the Hippie Movement. Hippies of the 1960s and 1970s had a very untraditional lifestyle, but they had an immense amount of passion with every part of their life. Whether is was music or silence, loving or hating, hippies always pursued their actions to the fullest fury, and felt everything in life to the extreme. Fran proved to me that being a hippie is a lifestyle one chooses for themselves when they feel passionate about being a free spirited, carefree individual. Hippies were, and still are, simply people who stand up for what they believe is right; however, they always tried to maintain peace, love, and even silence, if necessary, when fighting. From their music clothing to their beliefs and supported ideals, it is obvious that this generation of individuals were not at all afraid to stand out or be different. As long as they felt they were maintaining their efforts to transform society into one that is more understanding, and one that is respectful to individual rights as well as individual freedom than they were unstoppable. I learned through research as well as first hand discussion with a hippie that it is not just a game, or extracurricular activity. Being a Hippie is a lifestyle one commits to the rest of their life in order to stand up for beliefs they are passionate about, as well as to allow nothing but positivity, good vibes, and love fill their

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