Hip Hop And Rap Hop Essay

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Hip-Hop and Rap have been regarded to be genres that promote gun violence, gang affiliation, and drugs. This however is not true. Hip-Hop and Rap has moved people emotionally and mentally throughout the years. Impacting and connecting individuals in riots within communities, more specifically in the US. These are usually triggered by the musical structure of the piece performed, along with the message being foretold to the audience. Artists in other genres such as Bob Marley, have accomplished touching and activating emotions change a community 's actions. Hip-Hop and Rap has also brought forth problems that may call for attention in some communities, such as gun violence, police brutality, and poverty in their societies.

Hip Hop originated in the Bronx in 1973 by DJ Kool Herc. Originally born in Jamaica, Herc learned this new style whilst at a Halloween dance party by stretching the drum breaks of popular songs. Herc achieved this by playing the breaks of two indistinguishable tracks at the same time. DJ Kool Herc continued to use this technique throughout New York. The popularity of the DJing technique had also influenced a dance style called breakdancing. As time progressed popular DJ turntablists began to arise, such as DJ Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, and Herc. MCs soon appeared and began to speak in time with the beat in a particular rhyme scheme, now known as rapping. Soon, DJs and MCs began to form duos, DJs began mending their beats by introducing samples…

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