Hip Hop : A Black Genre Of Music Essay

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Hip-hop is a historically black genre of music, with different iterations almost everywhere in the world now. If you turn on your car radio on the way to work it’s likely that you’ll hear a popular hip-hop song. You may even come across street performers having a rap battle. Either way, it’s one of the most common genres today. Hip-hop is a genre dedicated to telling stories of hardship in a poetic form. Music has always been a form of expression, but hip-hop brought a new level of storytelling to the music world. It allows artists to tell entire to tell long and detailed stories in the context of a song. Despite the growing presence of white artists, we associate hip-hop music with African Americans. Some say that African Americans own the hip-hop genre due to the fact that their stories are the ones that started the movement. While this is true, I believe that American society has embraced and adopted this art form, and molded it into a universal form of storytelling.
The hip-hop movement started out in the 1970’s in the South Bronx of New York City among young African Americans. The music itself sprouted from breakdance and block parties. DJ’s would take the percussion beats from funk and soul music, and would extend them. Then there would be an emcee for the event who would introduce the DJ and keep the crowd energized. The emcees began speaking in rhythm, occasionally with some rhyme added in. This fad snowballed until it became a refined form of music; gaining…

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