Why Is Religion Important?

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In todays world, religion can be a strong force that can be pushed upon us. Anyone can believe in whatever religion they feel is right for them. But, no matter what religion you choose to follow, the beliefs are very important in there own way. Its what makes each religion different, special and unique. Hinduiism is one of the oldest religions in the world, perhaps the oldest. It’s a religion that makes a person more civilized and helps one stray on path to liberation. Its a very dynamic religion that has freedom of beliefs, devotional rituals, and vibrant festivals. Its

the first main important factor of Hinduism is spirituality. Hindus believe in one Supreme God and many Gods and Goddesses. God is called Bhagwan, which is known as the all
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It includes worshipping daily, meditation, yoga and simple austerities like fasting. Of them all, worshipping is highly ethical. Every Hindu has a space of worship. At home, rituals are performed every morning, after bathing and dressing and before any food or drink. It may be home shrines, pictures, murtis (small statue) or entire room dedicated. Typically, families light clay oil lamps and pray daily, offering fresh flowers, incensed sticks and food to God. Hindus also like to give worship at the temple, also known as mandir which is the home of God. At the temples, many pray to the different forms of Gods and Goddesses. Arati is also performed, using oil lamps and waving them in a circular motion in front of the deities while singing in Sanskrit. Hindus visit the temples anytime throughout the day to worship and …show more content…
Hindus are rejuvenated and relieved by the holy festivals and celebrations that provide a mystical connection with God. Hindu festivals are observed by following ancient lunar calendars. Festivals are celebrated with families, relatives, friends and the communities, generally at home and public places and at temples. Some of the biggest festivals of the year are Diwali, Navrartiri, and Holi. Diwali, the festival of lights, is the largest festival of the year, which is celebrated around October and November. Diwali signifies good over evil and light over darkens. Decorating homes, preparing sweets, lighting oil lamps, all for the enlightenment of one’s souls. Navaratri, is the second largest festival. Its celebrated around October and November as well, for nine days. Devotees worship the Mother of Goddess and her different forms, which signifies her power. Many Hindus gather each night for Garba, cultural dance. Holi is the festival of colors. Its celebrated around March and April. Everyone sprinkles colored water and powder on each other, which signifies the good over evil sprits and the beginning of the spring harvest. By having colorful and vibrant festivals, Hindus enjoy great blessings and joy throughput the

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