Hinduism Is The Belief Of God Essay

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One of the more unique aspects of Hinduism is the belief in a Supreme Being, although it may be by different name or embodiment, the belief is consistent that they are all one and the same, or reflections of the same, and the choice of embodiment is left to the devotee. Hindus also believe in many other Gods who may have a greater connection with certain aspects of life and they may choose to honor those Gods in their practice as well; however, they still hold to the belief of a “Supreme Being”. This also opens up another unique aspect of Hindu tradition that of tolerance. For many religions there is only one “true” god and by default there can not be any other, this thought process cannot exist in Hindu practice where each household may choose to worship a different Deity. This embracement of tolerance and inclusion and acceptance to personal expression is truly unique to Hindus, including worship of the Goddess in a female form, “a distinctive characteristic of Hindu tradition” (47).

As in most religions there is an idea of enlightenment or a final destination when our lives conclude; however, for Hindus who believe that energy is eternal and the soul attached to our human form is capable to reinvent or reincarnate itself as many times as necessary, and in any possible life form necessary in order to attain enlightenment the goal is not met in a single lifetime. For many Hindus the ultimate goal in human life is to attain “Moksha” or the liberation from the “cycle of…

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