Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, And Confucianism Essay

1643 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 null Page
Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism have many similarities and differences ranging from structure difference to ritual similarities. When these religions are broken down into subcategories, and their values are studied individually, it is easy to notice these similarities and differences. All religions are beautiful and deserve to be dissected and analyzed, so that they can be appreciated for what they actually are, and not what they have been viewed as. Starting off with Hinduism, this religion is an elaborate one. There are many variations of the religion due to its openness to adjustment. The world view of Hinduism is that the world is bad and full of material that its followers must detach from to focus on the true necessity: spirituality. Hindu claim on reality, as a whole, is that the world is full of obstacles and evil things that try to interfere with spiritual prosperity; material is temporary, while spirituality is forever. Hindus must detach from the materials in the world to focus on bettering their spirits, so they can be liberated from samsara and achieve the ultimate goal: moksha. Followers of Hinduism should live through selfless actions to achieve true renunciation. The nature of all human beings should consist of pure actions that aren’t incented by desired rewards. The human dilemma in Hinduism is the trouble of differentiating between material and spiritual. The spiritual goal for Hindus is to break out of the infinite loop of reincarnation…

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