Hinduism And Buddhism Similarities

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Hinduism and Buddhism are one of the oldest beliefs that have ever been known. Both started in India around 2500 years ago, and originated in the northern part of India. Buddhism was founded in 563 B.C.E by Siddhartha Gautama. Siddhartha, who was born and raised in a wealthy family, believed that humans will suffer as long as they breath. He left his wealthy life behind and started looking for the truth of enlightenment. Buddhism is not a religion, it is a way of thinking that changes the way that an individual think. On the other hand, believing in souls is one of the main focuses of Hinduism. According to some scholars, the founder of Hinduism is unknown since it has started thousands years ago. In Hinduism, there are two types of souls, an individual 's soul, and the supreme soul which is known as the Brahman. Hinduism people should strive to achieve what are called four ends of human life during their stay in this mortal world. Understanding the concepts of each belief will ultimately led to a better understanding to the similarities and differences Hinduism and Buddhism have.
The main teaching of Buddhism is to know the truth of
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In Addition, the idea of God is not necessarily important for Buddhism while in Hinduism there are many Gods and Goddesses; such as, Brahma, the creator; vishnu, the preserver; Shiva, the destroyer. More importantly, the teachings of Buddhism are against the Caste System, however; in Hinduism the only way to change your social class is to be born into a different class in the next life. In Hinduism, people believe that having a bad life is a result of bad Karma, and in order to improve their situation they need to accept the reality of their current life. However, both beliefs have holy places. A buddhist would go to Shrines to meditate while a hindu would go to

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