Hills Like White Elephant : Dominance And Persuasion Essay

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“Hills Like White Elephant”: Dominance and persuasion.
In Ernest Hemingway’s complex short story “Hills Like White Elephant” , two characters also known as The American and The girl (Jig) argue with each other in order to effectively reach a compromise on whether Jig should participate in a life altering operation. The American’s attempt to convince The Girl (Jig) to have an abortion is what eventually leads to their failed relationship.
Jig and the American have a series of conversations that reveals the dysfunction, awful communication and manipulation in their relationship; the more these character continue to converse the more Jig becomes aware of their differences. She becomes more realistic about their future and understands that their life will not be a pleasant fairy tail; in accepting her reality Jig becomes a more independent and dominant character.
In “Hills like White Elephant”, the Ernest Hemingway 's style of writing is very unique. Most authors who write using dialogue always provides a background story about the characters being presented, they usually develop the characters before proceeding to tell the story. This author works backwards, he introduces the character first through dialogue. One of the the things I believe the author did that was interesting was the duality created between the Girl and the American. The authors use of “American” to identify the man and the title “the girl” to identify the female in the story reflects the time period of…

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