Hijab Essay

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The globe is adorned by numerous cultures and ethnic groups that vary from each other as one scrutinizes the geographical topography. Each region has its leading culture religion or race which complements each other in currently is religion which separates neighbors, communities, regions and even countries (Perkins 529). According to Gramsci’s theory of Hegemony, a considerably dominant group in society lay down what is considered reality in such a manner that the remaining social classes accept it as common sense. Islam is one of the leading religions in the world. One of the most synonymous features of the Islamic faith is the Hijab, which is a part of the religious code for Muslim women. The most common type of Hijab covers the face and neck regions while leaving the face open. There are forms of Hijab that are commonly used such as the Niqab, Burqa, chador and Khimar …show more content…
Thus, the religion does not impose the dress code on women but society interprets upon that command and consequently comes up with extreme expectations which ultimately affect the women. Women in certain regions of the world are living under the illusion that they have the freedom to wear the Hijab or the choice not to wear it at all (Osborne n.pn). The illusion quickly dissipates when extremists have their way and one ends up with news articles that detail a woman savage beaten or used as an example to the rest of the population that have opened the minds to the degenerate ways of the western culture. The Hijab has become the symbol for the silent oppressor of the modern times perhaps even the greatest enemy of feminism in modern times. The Hijab is a harmless piece of religious clothing; it only develops a demeaning and oppressive connotation when placed into the hands of the masses who use it to curtail the actions of women thus affirming the widespread hegemony created by religion and imposed by society, especially

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