Higher Wage And Low Wage Essays

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Higher wage hurts the people it is meant to help the most, including the ones in poverty and low working class. Many of the uneducated will be competed out of jobs making it harder than it already is to get a job. In “Researchers Probe Pros and Cons Of Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage” Wang reveals, “The weight of evidence suggests that moderate minimum wage increases have insignificant to non-existing negative effects on employment… reduce worker turnover and worker retention, and result in small, one-time price increases in heavily-affected industries, such as restaurants” (Wang 1). Wang analyzes how rising wage will not affect the employment of workers. In fact, Wang believes it will reduce turnover and worker retention. Annie Lowrey, author of “Minimum Wage Increase Would have Mixed Effects C.B.O Report Says”, writes Senator Mitch McConnell 's response to higher wages, “Raising the minimum wage could destroy as many as one million jobs, a devastating blow to the very people that need help most in this economy” (Lowrey 1). Senator McConnell states repercussions, declaring it will devastate the people it is meant to help. Senators know the ins and outs of the laws, and if a senator disagrees so strongly, perhaps it is best for the public to listen well. Lowrey disputes the damage it will cause, and explains the two main ways it will decrease employment. The first main way, Lowrey reports, “Businesses might then reduce their use of low-wage workers and shift their spending toward…

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