High Social Status And Wealth Essay

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High social status and wealth represent power in society. Everyone desires wealthy people because they are portrayed as well-mannered, well-behaved and beautiful by our society. Everyone has felt ashamed of their parents at some point in their life and lastly everyone has been in a conflict. These are familiar things to everyone. John Harcourt is the protagonist of the story and he tremendously influences the readers because of the realism he shows in the entire story. His character traits make him relatable to readers and hence prove that his character is realistic. In the story ‘The Snob’, Marley Callaghan illustrates a realistic protagonist, John Harcourt, who is ashamed of his father, gets into a conflict with his girlfriend and values money, wealth and the power that comes with them. that he does not think of the consequences.
John Harcourt is ashamed of his parents because of their lower social status in society, and due to this fact, he is hesitant to introduce them to Grace. He is shown as a realistic character because regardless of status most people feel embarrassed by their parents. In this case, John is hesitant because of his dad’s lower social status. In today 's society, people with higher social status are valued more and are given power; therefore, people tend to get attracted towards wealth and higher social status. In the story, John’s point of view towards his dad is shown when he describes him, “His coat was thrown open, two buttons on his vest were…

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