High School Vs. Middle School Essay

1059 Words Oct 13th, 2015 5 Pages
I used to hold the belief that what I and everyone studies in elementary and middle school is enough to surpass daily life, you wouldn’t need to learn anything outside of class because teachers knew best and what they taught was the law. Furthermore, many educational systems nowadays assume that it is the most optimal and effective model of providing education to the masses. They believe that the current system is cheap in cost and informative when comparing large samples of students for a specific position or role. On the other end of the spectrum, it is believed that children should not attend school; however, learn from nature and their personal experiences with others disregarding the guiding role an education system should have on the development of those children. Another dominant idea purports that students have the choice in what they want to improve themselves in throughout high school and higher education; this idea is called deschooling. Others argue that deschooling is an idea that should be implemented after testing and modifying it through experiments on students from different abilities and levels of education. While, less extreme but stagnant methods of education 's support the idea of standardized testing and suggest that they are more common and widespread in defining a student 's abilities as a future employee or a student in higher education. Many of these arguments are positions with supported views; however, my main concern lies between keeping…

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